Sodium-ion Batteries & Indi Energy’s Technology Updates 9

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Indi Energy is back with the ninth edition of “Sodium-ion Batteries Technology Updates.”

Indi Energy, a DRDO 3.0 and National Startup Award winner is an energy storage startup from India developing and commercializing sodium ion batteries. In this ninth edition of “Sodium ion batteries technology updates” we are bringing you an outlook on the world of battery technology and the thoughts of Mr. Bhabani Mohanty, Director, Strategy & Alliance

What can you expect from energy storage devices in 2024?

In 2024, the energy storage industry is poised for significant transformations, driven primarily by innovations and geopolitical shifts. Let’s focus on the solid-state battery revolution, i.e., solid-state batteries will reshape the electric vehicle sector, offering enhanced safety, a longer lifespan, and increased energy density, redefining the entire electric vehicle battery market.


Meanwhile, the United States of America and the European Union’s innovative solutions to boost local production to secure a sustainable supply chain for battery raw materials will be helpful in case there is a ban on exporting crucial battery materials and components from China. 

More on the European Union, as the industry is aligned with the European Union’s regulations, emphasizing sustainability with recycling mandates and transparent carbon footprint labels, fostering a more accountable and eco-friendly battery ecosystem. But that’s not all. Following the European Union’s carbon dioxide emission tariffs, carbon taxes are predicted to exceed 100 euros per metric ton, incentivizing businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to global climate change efforts.

The carbon credit market is also set to see a substantial surge by 2025, benefiting from increased adoption of carbon capture and utilization technologies and providing opportunities for businesses to embrace carbon dioxide utilization. What will play an equally important role is the fact that industries are set to align themselves with sustainability norms and shift their technology research toward sodium-ion batteries. Now that is where Indi Energy comes in because we are delighted to share that talks are already underway for the installation of our capable and commercially viable sodium-ion batteries. With the advent of the new year, 2024 promises big shifts in battery technology, sustainable practices, and climate change mitigation, reflecting a global commitment to a greener and cleaner energy landscape. 

sodium-ion batteries

Challenges faced by the sodium ion batteries!

Revolutioning energy storage isn’t as easy as a stroll in the park. It’s a marathon through uncharted territories, especially for a new technology where the inertia of an already established system is high. This is why acknowledging the challenges is the first step to overcoming them!

Sodium-ion electrode processing is a big puzzle waiting to be solved. We are in the trenches, managing the supply chain to material extraction times, overcoming the influence of active materials on viscosity, and mastering the delicate manufacturing protocols. This is where Indi Energy stands out because we have been working behind the scenes to manage all these intricate details well in our indigenous cathode and anode materials.

Yet another issue that exists is the scaling of sodium-ion battery production because of the complexities of production speed variability. Optimising every step to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It’s not just about building batteries; it’s about building a scalable, sustainable future. Similarly, crafting the perfect anode and cathode materials is a journey filled with challenges. Hard carbon anodes and nonrare metal cathodes are the results of relentless research and development to overcome the hurdles of capacity, stability, and cost-effectiveness.

Quite a few times, we at Indi Energy have been questioned: “Why sodium ion batteries?” The answer is simple: sodium is abundant, sustainable, and globally impactful. But what’s key here is that ensuring its accessibility requires tackling challenges in production capacities, material systems, and electrode processing. 

Indi Energy is not just aiming for innovation but for global accessibility. This thought comes with its own set of challenges, namely, real-world applications! From powering mobile devices to homes and industries, we are confronted with the reality of successful integration, adaptability, and reliability. There’s a saying that we use quite often at Indi Energy: “It’s not just about creating batteries; it’s about empowering lives.”

As an enterprise where our daily fuel is innovation, none of us at Indi Energy, India’s pioneering sodium-ion battery innovators, shy away from challenges; instead, we embrace them! As we navigate through the hurdles, we invite you to accompany us. Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn, or through our contact page. Share your thoughts and expertise, and we promise you we will collectively overcome the obstacles and set off on a path to a sodium-ion-powered future. 


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