Sodium Battery Companies & Tech Updates 19

sodium battery companies

Welcome back to one of the world’s leading sodium battery companies, Indi Energy’s nineteenth edition of “Sodium-ion Batteries Technology Updates.”

Indi Energy, a DRDO 3.0 & NSA’22 winner, is one of the world’s leading sodium battery companies from India, developing and commercializing sodium ion batteries. As one of the world’s first sodium-ion battery researchers and manufacturers, we prioritize safety, sustainability, and quality in every aspect of our operations. We want to ensure that the production of our high-performance batteries has a minimal environmental impact to ensure the well-being of our employees, our communities, and our world.

sodium battery companies Our sodium ion batteries and customizable sodium-ion battery packs celebrate the Make in India initiative, setting a global standard by redefining energy storage solutions sustainably. From research and supply chain to manufacturing, we are continuously striving to innovate and improve our processes to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the world. In this nineteenth edition of sodium ion battery technology and industry updates, we will learn about the thought process that goes into selecting the right type of electrolytes for Na-ion batteries and the secret to democratizing the implementation of green technology!

How to choose the right electrolyte?

The selection process of electrolytes, namely polymer, inorganic, or hybrid solid-state, for sodium-ion batteries, has a profound impact on their application suitability. It has been observed that polymer electrolytes have shown flexibility and are apt for portable electronics and wearable devices, but they exhibit lower conductivity and stability.

Meanwhile, inorganic electrolytes offer higher conductivity and stability, making them ideal for high-power applications like electric vehicles and stationary energy storage systems. However, their brittleness directly limits their flexibility, making them less suitable for wearables.

Moving on to hybrid solid-state electrolytes, they merge the advantages of both polymer and inorganic electrolytes, providing a compromise between performance and flexibility. They offer a balance of conductivity, stability, and mechanical properties, making them versatile across various applications, including electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and wearable devices.

While each electrolyte type presents distinct benefits and drawbacks, understanding these trade-offs is essential for optimizing sodium-ion battery performance to meet the specific requirements of diverse applications, ranging from consumer electronics to medical devices and beyond.

At Indi Energy, one of the world’s leading sodium battery companies, we have developed our proprietary electrolyte chemistry that brings a balance of properties for all use cases. Our sustainable liquid sodium-ion electrolyte has a significant advantage over more commonly available solid-state and liquid electrolytes found in contemporary storage technologies such as lead-acid, alkaline, zinc-carbon, and lithium-ion batteries. From higher ionic conductivity, faster diffusion, higher power output, rapid charging times, and low volatility to enhanced solubility for sodium salts, our liquid sodium-ion electrolyte offers superior temperature stability and electrochemical properties while simultaneously delivering exceptional performance.

The secret to democratizing the implementation of green technology

Noble Tax Credits are a remarkable avenue to democratize the swift implementation of green technology. These incentives will not only propel innovation but also make rendering sustainable solutions accessible to businesses and individuals alike. As one of the pioneering sodium battery companies, we recognize the transformative power of Noble Tax Credits in driving the adoption of our green technology through a business-to-consumer route.

These credits will serve as a vital financial incentive for businesses to invest in green technology research, development, and adoption, breaking down barriers to innovation. Moreover, they empower small and medium enterprises to embrace sustainability without straining their finances. By incentivizing consumers to choose eco-friendly options, Noble Tax Credits stimulate market demand for green products, spurring economic growth and job creation.

The widespread adoption of green technology, when fueled by these incentives, is pivotal in combating climate change and safeguarding our planet. As stakeholders in the green energy revolution, we must leverage Noble Tax Credits to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. Additionally, government agencies can set an example for private companies by earlier adopting green technology and showcasing the economic models of how successful the adoption is.


As one of India’s leading innovators in the energy storage sector and one of the world’s premier sodium battery companies, we implore governments across the world to look further into incentivizing green tech, just like renewable technology and electric vehicles, for faster adoption in all industries and to bring about a cultural shift.

At Indi Energy, we are hard at work increasing the adaptability of products that not only accommodate technical advancements but find perfect use cases in existing technologies as well. Simpler applications like solar lamps, home inverters, UPS systems, stabilizers, I.C.E. automobiles, etc. are ready to harness the potential of our current offerings, and even defence research organizations are watching our progress keenly. As the demand for renewable energy soars, Indi Energy’s sodium-ion batteries will be vital, accelerating the transition toward a sustainable energy landscape.

After completing ground-breaking research in sodium ion technology for energy storage, we are inviting partnerships with industries, investors, and manufacturers to take the lead and incorporate our revolutionizing products to make their businesses better and overhaul electric storage systems.

At Indi Energy, our goal is not only innovation but also making our innovation accessible globally. We invite you to connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn, or through our contact page. Share your thoughts and expertise, and we promise you that together we shall set off on a path to a sodium-ion-powered future.

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