Sodium Battery Companies & Tech Updates 22

sodium battery companies

Welcome back to one of the world’s leading sodium battery companies, Indi Energy’s twentieth edition of “Sodium-ion Batteries Technology Updates.”

Indi Energy, a DRDO 3.0 & NSA’22 winner, is one of the world’s leading sodium battery companies from India, developing and commercializing sodium ion batteries. As one of the world’s first sodium-ion battery researchers and manufacturers, we prioritize safety, sustainability, and quality in every aspect of our operations. We want to ensure that the production of our high-performance batteries has a minimal environmental impact to ensure the well-being of our employees, our communities, and our world.

sodium battery companiesOur sodium ion batteries and customizable sodium-ion battery packs celebrate the Make in India initiative, setting a global standard by redefining energy storage solutions sustainably. From research and supply chain to manufacturing, we continuously strive to innovate and improve our processes to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the world.

In this twentieth edition of Indi Energy’s sodium-ion battery technology and industry updates, we will explore the use of sodium-ion batteries in solar lights. Let’s get started, but before that, we have an exciting update to share. 

Startup Mahakumbh: Bharat Innovates

From March 18–20, 2024, Indi Energy participated in Startup Mahakumbh in New Delhi, showcasing the future of energy storage. As pioneers of sodium-ion battery technology, we were moved by the support shown by MIETY (the Government of India).


Surrounded by researchers, stakeholders, industrial experts, and investors, we unveiled our groundbreaking advancements in sustainable energy solutions, giving us yet another platform to connect, collaborate, and advance the energy landscape.

Sodium-ion batteries & Solar Streetlights

Solar streetlights are one of the most efficient ways to light up the remotest and most secluded regions on Earth. With high year-on-year growth, they are even replacing the traditional street lights to save on electricity production and transmission losses.

One of the major challenges that solar streetlights face is the high installation cost, frequent battery changes and maintenance, harsh climate with high temperatures, etc. But what if we were to propose a solution? 

sodium battery companies

We can mitigate all these risks with Indi Energy’s sodium ion batteries, providing a wholesome, eco-friendly solution. How? Sodium-ion batteries are the ideal companions for solar street lights due to their cost-effectiveness, thermal safety, and general environmental friendliness as compared to lithium-ion batteries. With higher energy density and a longer cycle life than popular lead-acid batteries, it maintains low self-discharge rates and efficiently stores solar energy for nighttime use.

Temperature tolerance and ease of recycling are the perfect attributes that enhance their suitability for outdoor applications. Sodium ion batteries are a much more reliable and sustainable energy storage solution, ensuring efficient operation and longevity for solar street lighting systems.

As one of India’s leading sodium battery companies, Indi Energy invites solar installation companies to collaborate to build a more effective street lighting system for everyone.

At Indi Energy, we are hard at work increasing the adaptability of products that not only accommodate technical advancements but find perfect use cases in existing technologies as well. Simpler applications like solar lamps, home inverters, UPS systems, stabilizers, I.C.E. automobiles, etc. are ready to harness the potential of our current offerings, and even defence research organizations are watching our progress keenly. As the demand for renewable energy soars, Indi Energy’s sodium-ion batteries will be vital, accelerating the transition toward a sustainable energy landscape.

After completing ground-breaking research in sodium ion technology for energy storage, we are inviting partnerships with industries, investors, and manufacturers to take the lead and incorporate our revolutionizing products to make their businesses better and overhaul electric storage systems.

At Indi Energy, our goal is not only innovation but also making our innovation accessible globally. We invite you to connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn, or through our contact page. Share your thoughts and expertise, and we promise you that together we shall set off on a path to a sodium-ion-powered future.

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