Our vision is to empower the world to become a self-sufficient and sustainable green economy by developing and commercializing indigenous and environmentally friendly energy storage technologies.


Our mission is to support the world's gradual transition from a fossil-based economy to a clean energy economy by providing low-cost, high-performance battery technologies for industrial and consumer applications made from locally sourced, abundant materials like agricultural and biowaste to build a self-sustaining circular economy.

With the commencement of the set-up of the hard carbon production unit

we have taken definitive steps towards enabling the world’s energy independence and establishing our presence as a leader in the sustainable energy storage sector.

BioBlack™ serves as the anode

while sodium, one of the world’s most abundant elements, serves as the cathode.

By achieving one of the world’s highest performances for “Hard Carbon made from bio-waste/agricultural-waste” used in Sodium-ion batteries, we have created a sustainable energy solution that is as adept at generating power as Lithium-ion batteries.

Our sodium-ion batteries can also maintain consistent power output at a wide range of temperatures, making them extremely stable and completely non-flammable while being highly cost-efficient and far more durable than commercialized alternatives.

Our Values

Innovation – At Indi Energy, we are committed to driving innovation in the sustainable energy storage sector and are constantly striving to enhance and optimize our Sodium-ion Battery technology.

Indigenous – At Indi Energy, we are proud of our indigenous roots and committed to creating sustainable energy storage solutions that are locally sourced, environmentally friendly, and support the local economy and community.

Sustainability – At Indi Energy, we are committed to promoting sustainable technology and practices that benefit the environment and the world, not just for us right now but for our future as well.

Collaboration – At Indi Energy, we believe that collaboration is the key to driving innovation. As we move towards fulfilling our vision of empowering energy independence for the world, we are committed to working closely with our partners, stakeholders, and customers.