Our Hard Carbon (HC) also known as BioBlack™

recognized as a promising anode material with outstanding electrochemical performance for Sodium-ion Batteries (SIBS). Hard carbon (HC) is a state-of-the-art anode material for sodium-ion batteries due to its excellent overall performance, wide availability, and relatively low cost.
  • Exclusively designed interlayer spacing (d002) and porosity of hard carbon for smooth diffusion of Sodium ions.
  • High cyclability with low volume change over prolonged charge/discharge cycles.
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Indi Energy has one of the world’s highest-rated performances for Hard Carbon made from bio-waste/agricultural waste and offers several advantages

Excellent Performance
Wide Availability
Low Cost

Technical Specifications

  • Reversible Capacity (up to 1.0 V): 300 (±5) mAh/g
  • Plateau Capacity (up to 0.2 V). : 220 (±5) mAh/g
  • Average Interlayer Spacing d002: 0.38 nm
  • Particle size (D50): ~25 um
  • Specific Surface Area: <5 m2/g
  • Application: Anode material for Sodium-ion batteries

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