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Indi Energy, a DRDO Dare to Dream 3.0 and National Startup Award winner, is an energy storage startup from India involved in the development and commercialization of Sodium-ion batteries and their components such as Hard Carbon (BioBlack™), Sodium-ion cathode, Sodium-ion electrolyte, etc.

Our Sodium-ion batteries are cost-effective and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As an alternative to lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries, Indi Energy’s Sodium-ion batteries are safer and more sustainable and will indeed prove themselves to be a ‘Common Man’s Battery’!’

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Our Story

If left unaddressed, the energy crisis that engulfs our world is here to stay. Unforeseeable geopolitical tensions and rapid inflation, coupled with the inevitable exhaustion of non-renewable sources of energy and their hazardous impact on our environment, have made it imperative that something needs to change. The issue extends far beyond our present existence, as it is about the future of mankind as well.
Rise of Sodium-Ion Batteries
This inspired four IIT-Roorkee scientists and engineers to develop India’s first indigenous Sodium-ion Batteries, a sustainable energy storage innovation, and establish Indi Energy, which is housed at IIT-Roorkee’s TIDES Business Incubator.
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Powering the Future Responsibly & Efficiently

Why should you choose Indi Energy's
Sodium-ion Batteries?

  • 1
    Stellar Performance

    Indi Energy's Sodium-ion batteries have an energy efficiency of 90–95% and a cycle life exceeding 2000 cycles, all while being cost-efficient.

  • 2
    Exceptional Safety

    Indi Energy's Sodium-ion batteries handle high-rate charging and discharging without thermal runaway, ensuring safety from overheating, fire, or explosions.

  • 3
    Sustainable Technology

    Indi Energy's Sodium-ion batteries are a versatile, sustainable, and efficient energy storage solution, offering customization, rechargeability, and recyclability.

Our Products

Transform your business today! Take a Step Towards a Sustainable Future with Our Eco-Innovative Solutions.
indienergy ,Hard-Carbon-bioblack
Hard Carbon (BioBlack™)

Hard carbon derived from agricultural and biowaste serves as the anode material in Sodium-ion batteries

Sodium-ion Cathode

Successfully developed a cost-effective, high-performance Sodium-ion cathode material with practical viability.

Indi Energy
Sodium-ion Electrolyte

Successfully developed sodium-ion conductors for the next-generation liquid-state Sodium-ion batteries.

Sodium-ion batteries
Sodium-ion Battery

Achieves 25%–30% cost savings while boasting 95% energy efficiency, surpassing current battery storage technologies.

Customized Sodium-ion Battery Pack

Built to the highest quality standards and certified for diverse environmental usage.

Empowering the world to become a self-sufficient green economy by providing Reliable, Efficient, Cost-effective & Tailored Energy Storage Solutions

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