Indi Energy has developed a proprietary liquid Sodium-ion Electrolyte that is stable and enables the flow of electrical current between BioBlack™, the anode, and the indigenously developed Sodium-ion Cathode in our innovative Sodium-ion battery technology.
Our sustainable liquid Sodium-ion Electrolyte offers significant advantages over commonly available solid-state and liquid electrolytes found in contemporary storage technologies such as lead-acid, alkaline, zinc-carbon, and lithium-ion batteries.
Higher ionic conductivity
Faster Diffusion
Higher Power Output
Rapid Charging Times
Low Volatility
Enhanced Solubility for Sodium Salts
By possessing superior temperature stability and electrochemical properties while simultaneously delivering exceptional performance, our proprietary liquid Sodium-ion Electrolyte holds the potential to revolutionize the clean energy industry, pushing Indi Energy to be the frontrunner in the development of advanced and reliable energy storage solutions that are both economical and environmentally sustainable.

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