Sodium-ion Batteries & Indi Energy’s Technology Updates 7

sodium-ion batteries indi energy

Indi Energy is back with the seventh edition of “Sodium-ion Batteries Technology Updates.”

Indi Energy, a DRDO 3.0 and National Startup Award winner is an energy storage startup developing and commercializing sodium-ion batteries. In this seventh edition of “Sodium-ion batteries technology updates” we are back with some more recent developments in the energy storage sector. 

Meet the Legend of Energy Storage.

We are delighted to share that in this edition of IMESD 2023, Professor B.V.R. Chowdari will be in the audience as well. Professor Chowdari has made significant contributions to energy storage devices, focusing on the research and development of energy storage devices. To date, he has published over 425 papers in internationally reputed journals, accumulating nearly 25,290 citations, and has achieved an impressive h-index of 83. 

sodium-ion batteries

His work in this field has been instrumental in advancing the understanding and development of energy storage technologies, contributing substantially to the scientific literature and the broader community dedicated to energy storage research. So make sure you register for IMESD 2023, because not only will you get to meet him but also many other incredible tech personalities. You will get to join the league of visionaries and experts as we delve into the cutting-edge realms of power storage and explore innovations that are redefining how we perceive energy storage in terms of sustainability, efficiency, and reliability. 

Do you know about the four major categories of sodium-ion battery cathodes?

Cathode materials for sodium ion batteries need to have high sodium-ion conductivity, stability, and durability over long cycles. They should offer a high specific capacity, fast ion diffusion for rapid charge and discharge, and thermal stability. 

sodium-ion batteries

But along with this, equally crucial are cost-effectiveness, environmental compatibility, and anode material compatibility. Achieving high voltage and energy density, along with ease of manufacturing, ensures the optimal performance and commercial viability of sodium ion batteries.

At Indi Energy, we have indigenously developed our cathodes and will be showcasing them at IMESD 2023 along with our other innovations, such as India’s first sodium-ion battery product, pouch cells, hard carbon for anodes, and proprietary sodium electrolytes, to name a few. This IMESD 2023, we are ushering in an era of unprecedented energy solutions with the reveal of our first sodium-ion battery, setting up a new benchmark on the global network of energy storage solutions. 

Indi Energy, one of the world’s most impactful climate tech startups

At Indi Energy, we are ardent believers in sustainability, and the world knows it. Recently, our founder, Mr. Akash Soni, took the opportunity to present our vision globally at the Climate Tech Coalition (Southeast Asia Pacific), an international venture that held Climate Tech Startup Presentations organized by The Atlas Capital. 

He shared the stage with some of the global leaders of climate technology, representing the energy storage community, and extended his support to other startups. The Climate Tech Coalition is an initiative that takes the worldview of ideas on how humanity should move ahead while creating awareness amongst the next generation of entrepreneurs about sustainability, conservation of resources, and new-age methods of a prosperous planet.

Check out the entire presentation here: 

Indi Energy gains recognition from another national institution! 

Earlier this year, Indi Energy was featured among the flag bearers of the electric revolution in India by IEEMA. The inaugural edition of Electraverse Sparks shortlisted 12 of the 100 startups that have the potential to transform India’s $50 billion electrical business through innovation and technology, with Indi Energy being chosen in the e-mobility sector. 

sodium-ion batteries

It is truly an honor that institutions such as IEEMA have noticed our efforts, and with India emerging as a hub for technical innovation, the world is now looking at us for some core solutions. Whether it is affordable space exploration or smart alternative energy, we are moving forward to set some unique benchmarks.

Take our hard carbon, for example, which is synthesized from bio-waste. We are working on setting up the complete supply chain to satisfy the necessary sustainability coefficient and reduce environmental impact, with zero compromises on performance. We are putting both feet forward to bring the world an alternative to the current era of lithium-ion batteries with our sodium ion batteries for all possible benefactors like mobility, grid storage, and consumer electronics. 

At Indi Energy, we envision a future where India is empowered with complete energy independence, and in this edition of IMESD 2023, we are going to help the world witness the true potential of energy innovation. 

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