Sodium-ion Batteries & Indi Energy’s Technology Updates 3

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Welcome to Indi Energy’s third edition of “Sodium ion batteries technology Updates.”

Indi Energy is India’s leading energy storage innovator and one of the few in the world who is dabbling in the science of sodium ion batteries. We are still a few years away before the mass production of sodium-ion batteries is seen, which is why, in the meantime, we are bringing to you an overview of recent technological updates in the battery energy sector and everything related to it. 

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Indi Energy’s Mission: Energy Independence

At Indi Energy, we are on a mission to change the landscape of battery technology and how it is made. Our primary purpose is to develop better alternatives for energy storage that are sustainable and can achieve the highest potential of storage in every field with the lowest impact on the environment. 

Energy independence is paramount for India, shielding us from global price fluctuations and bolstering economic stability. At Indi Energy, we believe that prioritizing domestic energy production is essential because not only does it ensure a secure and stable energy supply, but it also fosters national security while minimizing environmental degradation by shifting towards cleaner and renewable sources. If this transition is successful, then it will pave the way for job creation and technological innovation, invigorating the economy. Furthermore, it will also gradually reduce our dependence on foreign energy resources and strengthen geopolitical autonomy, empowering independent policy decisions. This is why we need better batteries to support such an ecosystem that promotes growth. Our scientists at Indi Energy have meticulously developed our sodium-ion batteries to support this cause with high-efficiency batteries that are sustainable and dependent only on the domestic supply chain. 

Battery Recycling and Sodium ion Batteries

In our world, batteries rule every aspect of our lives. From gadgets to rides, they can be seen everywhere, and without a doubt, the biggest concern is recycling them because not only is it eco-friendly but also an extremely smart business move.

With the demand for batteries rising worldwide, people have become more conscious, and stricter environmental rules have made recycling a valuable proposition. But it’s not as easy as it sounds because dealing with tricky battery chemistry brings its own set of challenges.

Enter sodium-ion batteries. They are a game-changer because putting money and resources into this sustainable technology will boost recyclability and cut down on environmental issues right from the get-go. 

Unlike regular batteries, sodium-ion batteries skip the hassle of recovering rare metals, opting for the more common stuff. This not only simplifies the recycling process but also opens up a cool opportunity for those steering through the twists and turns of the green energy game. This is why, when it comes to battery recycling, sodium-ion battery technology will not just fix the current problems but set us on a path toward a sustainable energy future.

Are Hydrogel Electrolytes a possibility for Sodium ion batteries?

Recently, a Chinese research team methylated the structural polymer of the hydrogel, effectively preventing salt precipitation, which led to improved battery capacity and cycling performance. Hydrogel electrolytes for sodium-ion batteries are a water-based, eco-friendly solution with high ionic conductivity, making them ideal for energy storage. These gels can further enhance battery safety by reducing flammability and inhibiting dendrite formation. 

 sodium-ion batteries

Hydrogel Electrolytes are flexible and customizable, compatible with various electrode materials, and have the potential to further the cause of environmentally friendly battery technologies. With research continuing and the exploration of new formulations and structures, hydrogel electrolytes hold the potential to improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of sodium-ion batteries, which will be used for renewable energy integration and electric vehicles.We at Indi Energy are collectively excited to witness such advancements, no matter what part of the world they originate from, because, at the end of the day, no matter who it is, it is heartening to see that we are all collectively working toward the enhancement of energy storage and reducing the environmental impact. With that thought, we will stop here for this edition. If you have any questions or doubts about how Indi Energy’s sodium-ion batteries can help you and your organization, please get in touch with us through the form on this page


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