Sodium-ion Batteries & Indi Energy’s Technology Updates 17

sodium-ion batteries

Welcome back to Indi Energy’s seventeenth edition of “Sodium-ion Batteries Technology Updates.”

We at Indi Energy are a DRDO 3.0 and National Startup Award winner, an energy storage startup from India developing and commercializing sodium ion batteries. We consciously chose to research and develop because, apart from being a good choice for the environment, the performance of our batteries also speaks for itself. Exploring the vast landscape of battery materials, sodium is a beacon of hope. It’s abundant and cost-effective, and with Indi Energy’s ‘Made in India’ Sodium ion batteries and customizable sodium-ion battery packs, we are ready to redefine energy storage solutions sustainably.

In this seventeenth edition of “Sodium Ion Batteries Technology Updates,” we will explore the different life stages of sodium-ion batteries and the exciting news about Indi Energy being felicitated with a certificate of appreciation by SIDBI. Let’s get started, shall we?

The 5 stages in the life of a Sodium-ion Battery! 

The life of a sodium-ion battery such as one of Indi Energy’s, the proud manufacturer of not just sodium-ion batteries but also customized sodium-ion battery packs, is a fascinating journey. It all starts with ‘resource extraction.’ In this first step, raw materials such as sodium, layered oxide cathodes, hard carbon anodes, aluminum, and electrolytes are extracted from various abundant sources. Then we move on to the second step—manufacturing, where the extracted materials are processed and assembled into sodium-ion battery cells. This process involves synthesizing cathode and adone materials, preparing electrolytes, assembling cells, and manufacturing other components like cell casing and battery management systems. With manufacturing done, it’s time to move on to use phases. 

sodium-ion batteries The sodium-ion batteries are utilized in various applications, such as stationary energy storage systems, backup power systems, electric vehicles, remote monitoring systems, grid storage, and electronics. After all, this comes the stage of end-of-life handling because, just like everything else, sodium-ion batteries also reach the end of their extremely useful lives, and like every other battery, this stage needs to be handled appropriately. This consists of the collection, transportation, and dismantling of the batteries. Followed by the fifth stage in this journey, recycling and disposal. In the case of recycling, the dismantled battery components are processed to recover valuable materials like sodium, aluminum, and other metals. Recycling is an extremely critical step because it further reduces the environmental impact while reducing the demand for new raw materials.

Another milestone for Indi Energy

We are thrilled to share that Indi Energy has been announced as the winner of the SIDBI Young Environmental Champions Challenge in the category ‘Waste to Energy Solutions & Recycling Technologies.’ This is a remarkable achievement for us, once again underscoring Indi Energy’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.

sodium-ion batteries

This recognition bestowed upon us by the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and ingenuity of every member of Indi Energy’s team. From conceptualization to execution, each individual has played an integral role in propelling Indi Energy to the forefront of the environmental technology sector through sodium-ion battery innovations. This certificate of appreciation not only acknowledges our success but will serve as a stark reminder of our responsibility to continue pushing boundaries, driving positive change, and shaping a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Congratulations to the entire Indi Energy team for this outstanding accomplishment. We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to SIDBI for organizing the Cluster Intervention Program, a platform that showcases groundbreaking solutions to address pressing environmental challenges. 

At Indi Energy, we are hard at work increasing the adaptability of products that not only accommodate technical advancements but find perfect use cases in existing technologies as well. Simpler applications like solar lamps, home inverters, UPS systems, stabilizers, I.C.E. automobiles, etc. are ready to harness the potential of our current offerings, and even defence research organizations are watching our progress keenly. As the demand for renewable energy soars, Indi Energy’s sodium-ion batteries will be a vital component, accelerating the transition toward a sustainable energy landscape.

After completing ground-breaking research in sodium ion technology for energy storage, we are inviting partnerships with industries, investors, and manufacturers to take the lead and incorporate our revolutionizing products to make their businesses better and overhaul electric storage systems.

 At Indi Energy, our goal is not only innovation but also making our innovation accessible globally. We invite you to connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn, or through our contact page. Share your thoughts and expertise, and we promise you that together we shall set off on a path to a sodium-ion-powered future.


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