Indi Energy’s Sodium-ion Batteries Shine at Viva Technology 2023!

sodium-ion batteries

Here are a few glimpses of what Indi Energy and their sodium-ion batteries were up to during VivaTech 2023!

We, at Indi Energy, the pioneers of sodium-ion batteries in India, are thrilled to share with our readers old and new about our recent participation at Europe’s biggest startup and tech event, Viva Technology 2023, from June 14 to 17 at Expo Porte De Versailles in Paris. In this blog, we are going to share a bit about the history of VivaTech and the impact of Indi Energy, which represented India in the sustainable energy-tech startup world, revolutionizing energy storage 
and driving toward a sustainable future.

sodium-ion batteries

What is VivaTech?

This grand event unites startups, investors, organizations, corporations, researchers, media, and talent to accelerate innovation and address the world’s most significant challenges annually. A place where business meets innovation over four exciting days, it was founded in 2016 by Publicis Groupe and Groupe Les Echos.

Over the years, VivaTech has had prominent figures as inspiring speakers for the event, such as Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, Satya Nadella, Ginni Rometty, Tim Cook, and Elon Musk, to name a few. The first two days of the event are for startups, investors, executives, students, and academics, and from the third day onwards, it is open to the general public.

What were the main topics of discussion at VivaTech 2023?

Every year, VivaTech analyzes the hottest topics concerning the technology sector, and for 2023, the topics of discussion were Artificial intelligence, Climate Technology & energy, Diversity & Inclusion, and Sports technology, along with several complimentary issues like cybersecurity, health tech, biotechnology, nanotechnology, the creators’ economy, food tech, and scaleups.

For this blog, we will be focusing more on Climate Technology and Energy because it is the major challenge that we are facing in the preservation of the planet. At VivaTech, companies like Indi Energy showcased their innovations that will reduce greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint.

We believe that true progress lies in the harmonious balance between performance and nature, which is why we have made it our mission to revolutionize energy storage by providing scalable, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions, viz., Indi Energy’s Sodium ion batteries and Customized Sodium-ion battery packs, which have surpassed the limitations of traditional batteries.

sodium-ion batteries

Electric Vibes at VivaTech 2023: Indi Energy Makes Waves

Word quickly spread throughout the VivaTech 2023 event that India was stealing the show, and Indi Energy’s energy revolution was at the forefront of this acclaim. We exhibited our state-of-the-art energy storage technology and its components, philosophy, and patents to a global audience at our booth, which was located at the “IN India Pavilion – Section B40-009.”

Thrilled to be part of the Indian contingent, we had the opportunity to present our innovation to Mr. Javed Ashraf, the Ambassador of India to the Republic of France and Principality of Monaco, and the elite community of entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries. Mr. Ashraf’s warm words of encouragement and commendation about our life’s work have reinforced our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

The highlight of the event was when Indi Energy’s CEO and Co-founder, Mr. Akash Soni, took to the stage and captivated the crowd with a brief glimpse into Indi Energy’s history, our vision of empowering the world to become a self-sufficient and sustainable green economy, and our mission of providing low-cost, high-performance battery technologies for industrial and consumer applications made from locally sourced, abundant materials like biowaste to build a self-sustaining circular economy.

He also mentioned the applications for Indi Energy’s sodium ion batteries and stressed the fact that by developing one of the world’s highest-performing Hard Carbon, Indi Energy’s patented BioBlackTM, we are the only sodium-ion battery manufacturers in India who are transforming the ample amount of agricultural waste and bio waste into a sustainable battery component.
A Vision for the Future
At VivaTech 2023, Indi Energy proved that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. Sodium-ion-powered energy solutions hold great promise for a greener and cleaner tomorrow. Our interactions with fellow participants facilitated the flow of ideas and lessons that inspire us all to collectively make a sustainable and energy-efficient future a reality.

Viva Technology 2023 served as the perfect platform for Indi Energy to step out of the shadows and gain recognition for our work in the sustainable energy sector. As we continue to redefine the possibilities and reshape the energy landscape, our sodium-ion-powered energy storage solutions will empower communities worldwide to contribute towards making our planet more sustainable. It’s about time we stopped being spectators and made this happen! Join us, and let’s collaborate for a better tomorrow:

A better future for us all!

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