Sodium-ion Batteries & Indi Energy’s Technology Updates 8

sodium-ion batteries

Indi Energy is back with the eighth edition of “Sodium ion Batteries Technology Updates.”

Indi Energy, a DRDO 3.0 and National Startup Award winner is an energy storage startup from India developing and commercializing sodium-ion batteries. In this eighth edition of “Sodium ion batteries Technology Updates,” we are bringing you the entire coverage of IMESD 2023! 

International Meeting on Energy Storage Devices 2023, @IIT Roorkee

From the 7th to the 10th of December, the largest think tank of top energy storage intellectuals gathered at IIT Roorkee to showcase their research and answer some of the burning questions about batteries and energy technology worldwide. This groundbreaking conclave was co-sponsored and co-organized by Indi Energy. 

sodium-ion batteries

This event was extremely special to us because, as a team, we moved ahead to unveil India’s first sodium-ion battery product for the market. It has taken us more than five years of dedicated research and product development, and it all paid off on this grand stage as our dream finally took the shape of a product that will drive India’s future as a pioneer in the field of energy storage.

Indi Energy charges ahead! 

The second International Meeting on Energy Storage Devices 2023 and Industry-Academia Conclave commenced with vigor and unabashed enthusiasm in collaboration with the Department of Physics and Centre for Sustainable Energy at IIT Roorkee, partnered by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

sodium-ion batteries

The four-day event witnessed many charismatic personalities sharing their cutting-edge opinions and research on energy storage devices. During the entire event, emphasis was placed on the crucial role of sustainability in the energy storage sector, focusing on advancements in energy storage devices and their applications, with the team from Indi Energy taking the front seat in the discussions related to topics such as renewable energy integration, e-mobility, and innovations in modern electronics, highlighting the increasing importance of sustainable practices in shaping the future of energy storage.

The time for sustainability is upon us! 

In between this storm of intellectuals, Indi Energy took to the stage and brought upon the moment that we have all been waiting for patiently, revealing our highly anticipated sodium-ion battery and drawing applause from all directions. The atmosphere was electric, with all participants taking a curious look at our innovative products. Our founders answered every query diligently, not just to promote our brand but to inspire future entrepreneurs and scientists to continue making sustainable discoveries.


Indi Energy’s commitment to sustainability and innovation was lauded by experts and covered by the Indian and global media as a breakthrough approach for the future of energy storage. As a co-sponsor and co-organizer of IMESD 2023, we truly felt humbled by the attention this event received, doubling our faith in our team to maintain and grow the pioneering status of new energy storage development in India.

sodium-ion batteries

This energy storage conclave resonated with positivity, bringing together 800+ global experts to explore solutions for electric vehicles, renewable integration, and grid storage. By advancing the existing battery technology for lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, and hydrogen-powered batteries, our team stole the spotlight by unleashing the revolution of sodium-ion batteries along with our hard carbon BioBlack, one of the world’s highest-performing hard carbons to be derived from biowaste, sodium-ion cathode, and proprietary sodium electrolyte, and the star of the show: fully functional and customizable sodium-ion battery packs

Indi Energy’s journey so far! 

As a four-year-old startup, we have been through our fair share of thick and thin surfaces, which is why we are grateful for every individual who has contributed to our growth so far. Our sodium-ion batteries are cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternatives for energy storage in renewable applications and electric vehicles. With abundant sodium resources, our batteries are ready to power power grids, reduce fossil fuel dependency, and mitigate environmental impact.

No wonder we were featured as a successful face in India’s startup culture. We have long realized that we have been given the responsibility of taking people along and guiding them for the next set of innovations. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Startup Uttarakhand for recognizing our efforts, bringing together a host of different innovators, and helping them with seed funding, incubation, and mentoring.

By promoting efficient energy storage and consumption at IMESD-23, we are confident that our sodium ion batteries will lead a collective path toward sustainability targets. For more information on our future and progress, make sure you follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. If you have any questions about our products, then please fill out the form on this page


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