Sodium-ion Batteries & Indi Energy’s Technology Updates 6

sodium-ion batteries Indi Energy

Indi Energy is back with the sixth edition of “Sodium-ion Batteries Technology Updates.”

Indi Energy, a DRDO Dare to Dream 3.0 and National Startup Award winner is an energy storage startup from India involved in the development and commercialization of sodium-ion batteries

In this edition of “Sodium-ion Batteries Technology Updates,” we are bringing you some exciting news about a much-awaited event happening at IIT Roorkee. Gear up for the International Meeting on Energy Storage Devices 2023 from December 7 to 10, 2023, at IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India.

IMESD 2023! 

The International Meeting on Energy Storage Devices 2023 will see an impressive gathering of over 800 experts, researchers, scholars, academicians, policymakers, and industry professionals from all over the world coming together for ideas and innovation.

sodium-ion batteries Indi Energy

By registering for the event, you will have the opportunity to get yourself published in global journals such as the renowned Journal of Physics: Energy and the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. Elevate your research to a global platform and get awarded for contributing to the world of physics. There will also be citations and cash prizes for the best posters and oral presentations across various domains of technology. Be a part of this dynamic experience, featuring keynote speeches, insightful plenary sessions, and an array of cutting-edge research papers and case studies.

But what’s even more amazing is the unveiling of Indi Energy’s first sodium-ion battery product worldwide. It’s been a long time coming, but the time is finally here. Indi Energy is co-sponsoring and co-organizing IMESD-2023, and it’s an immense honor for us, which is why we have decided this is the perfect opportunity for the world to see our revolutionary sodium ion batteries. 

sodium-ion batteries Indi Energy

We are also showcasing one of our flagship products, “BioBlack,” at IMESD 2023. It is a biomass-derived carbon product that is currently one of the highest-performing hard carbons in the world and serves as a highly efficient electrode material for our sodium ion batteries. With a whole host of industrial applications such as aerospace and defense, electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, electronics and semiconductors, medical devices, grid storage, and advanced materials research. 

Sodium ion batteries see an increase in energy density! 

A Japanese research team has achieved an unprecedented 60% increase in energy density, paving the way for sodium-ion batteries to be utilized in portable devices. They have developed a high-capacity electrode made from nanostructured hard carbon, which has been optimized and incorporated into an actual battery.

sodium-ion batteries Indi Energy

Sodium-ion batteries are set to become the future of humanity, and we at Indi Energy are delighted because innovation is what will collectively move humanity forward. With lucrative elements like low-cost and easy supply chains, we are racing toward high-energy density sodium-ion batteries for mass-scale commercial production and uses.

sodium-ion batteries Indi Energy

The cost-efficiency advantage of sodium-ion is also a winner because of energy storage transitions like availability, sustainability, market dynamics, geopolitical issues, technical developments, and product life cycle. For example, battery-grade sodium carbonate maxes out at $286 metric tons, while battery-grade lithium carbonate costs a whopping $20,494 metric tons!

sodium-ion batteries indi energy

Supply Chain Development for sodium ion batteries is an extremely positive signal for all nations that are hesitating in manufacturing and prefer to import instead. This dependency has significant potential in terms of technical growth in many nations, such as India.

And that’s not all, because we will be discussing each of these dimensions—their past, present, and future—in terms of energy storage in the presence of some of the brightest minds on the planet at IMESD 2023! 

Indi Energy is fulfilling the vision of Atmanirbhar Bahara with its groundbreaking research in sodium-ion batteries and sustainable hard-carbon electrodes. We envision a future where India is empowered with complete energy independence. And the moment is coming soon to help the world witness the true potential of energy innovation.

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