Hard Carbon (HC)

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Hard Carbon (HC) is recognized as a promising anode material with outstanding electrochemical performance for Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs). Hard Carbon (HC) is the state-of-art anode material for Sodium-ion batteries due to its excellent overall performance, wide availability, and relatively low cost. Tremendous effort has been invested by Indi Energy to elucidate the Sodium storage mechanism in HC, and to explore synthetic approaches that can enhance the performance and lower the cost.

Indi Energy has achieved world’s highest performance in Hard Carbon (HC) for Sodium-ion batteries, made from bio-waste / agricultural waste.


Interlayer Spacing (d002) and Porosity

Interlayer spacing (d002) and porosity

Exclusively designed interlayer spacing (d002) and porosity of hard carbon for smooth diffusion of Sodium ions.

High Cyclability

High Cyclability

High cyclability with low volume change over prolonged charge/discharge cycles.

Highly Compatible

Highly Compatible

It can be used with Al-foil and water based binders.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Indi Energy Hard Carbon (HC)

Reversible Capacity (upto 1.0 V)

300 (±5) mAh g-1

Plateau Capacity (upto 0.2 V)

200 (± 5) mAh g-1

Average Interlayer Spacing d002

0.38 nm