About Us

Research and development of Energy Storage Devices

The Vision is to bestow to build India’s fiscal system self-reliant. We can improve it by a gradual shift to renewable sources of energy. Current challenge of the country is to develop a technology, which can be proven as a sustainable means of energy conversion. Electrochemical energy storage and conversion can play a vital role for it, and can also come out with an output of less pollution, greenhouse effect and can reduce the dependency on oil producing countries, but its high cost and less safety makes them unsuitable to use.

Therefore, Indi Energy have taken its first step towards R&D on rechargeable battery technologies. We are the first company in North India who have facilities to make both Li-ion and Sodium ion batteries (Na-ion) in-house. We can make rechargeable Li-ion and Na-ion Pouch cells of upto 500 mAh rating for applications like Smartphones, Laptops, Toys, Emergency lights, solar street lights etc.

Our vision is to provide low cost, high performance battery technology for applications like solar and wind grid storage, electric scooters/E-rickshaws, Car SLI batteries, batteries for solar street lights, batteries for toys, UPS batteries, inverter batteries etc. As we are cognizant, India is currently transferring its vision to electric vehicles and grid storage. Therefore, we also provide consultancy regarding the development of testing facilities to organizations engrossed in becoming a certified battery technology tester for industries.

Therefore, a cross-cutting research is undertaken on battery technologies at Indi Energy, with current emphasis on developing next generation Sodium-ion batteries with high battery capacity and cycle life than presently commercialized Lead-acid batteries.

We started this company in April 2019 and incubated our startup at TIDES Business Incubator, IIT Roorkee. We have a good team of scientists and engineers from IIT Roorkee, having years of experience in developing next generation battery technologies like Li-ion batteries, Sodium ion batteries, Solid state batteries, Super-capacitors etc. We are developing rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors under realistic operating conditions. Then, based on this knowledge, we design and evaluate electrochemically-active materials, and to conceptualize and develop new electrochemical processes and systems.